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Metropolis Street Racer Feature #1
If, like me, you put some money away in the bank for the release of Metropolis Street Racer then by now you'll have started to accumulate some interest on your investment, enough to buy the game and have some left over besides. But what could you spend that extra cash on? Read on to find out.

Obviously nobody can predict the exact release date of MSR so here are a few predictions for release dates and what you might spend your cash on when the game comes out.

  • 2000 - You'll have earned enough interest since the original launch date to pay for one hours worth of online MSR playing.
  • 2001 - Now you'll have enough cash to buy yourself some lotion to sooth your aching hands after a strenuous MSR session.
  • 2003 - You'll have enough cash to buy a Dreamcast steering wheel to play MSR with.. fantastic!
  • 2007 - Dreamcast will no longer be around but uou'll be able to buy a DC2 and a Dreamcast emulator to play MSR on
  • 2010 - You will be able to afford your own sports car to drive around in instead of playing MSR
  • 2015 - By this time you'll have enough money stashed away to hire your own development team to write a sequel to MSR and still get it finished before the original.
  • 2038 - You'll have so much money you can hire out the centre of London, buy a fleet of sports cars and race against your friends instead of buying MSR
  • 2100 - You'll be so rich you can run for president, get into power and then bomb Tokyo, London and San Fransisco to the ground so MSR has to be completely redesigned from scratch
  • 2500 - You'll have enough cash to have yourself resurrected from the dead but you'll still be too senile to even remember what Metropolis Street Racer was and so you'll spend all day running round the post-apocalyptic, alien dominated earth in your pants screaming "Who's your daddy!!"




Feel free to suggest ideas for more features, it saves me having to think of any decent ideas