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Here to bid you all a fond farewell are Billie and Billie again. I'm not holding out much hope for them but you can but hope..much.. I'm out ... holding... what?

Well, unfortunately that's it for now from the JumpySpider. Please come back soon, hopefully I'll have found a funny gimmick by then instead of just prattling on like a little bimbo... Anyway, there's always our hundredth issue of Metropolis Street Racer - The Inside Story" to look forward too...mmmm....inside story.. ... sorry, I got distracted there thinking about cocks... bye!

PS. My lips are bigger than hers

She's right you know, for once, that is all we've got time for... bitch.

She's just jealous cos my lips are bigger than hers.

Still not funny are they? Not even the lips thing? Oh well...




glad you could make it, come in and rest your feet a while..