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The world's best unnoffical Indrema fansite


Welcome to the fansite

You may think that this page is somewhat insincere in pledging it's alliegence to Indrema. You may think we're being a little harsh on Indrema. You may think Indrema have got enough problems on their hands without people taking the piss out of them. On two of these counts you could well be right... but what harm is taking the piss going to do? After all it is a console doomed to ultimate failure...
As a tribute to the cool unique styling of the Indrema website and adverts I've decided to use a lovely Serif font for this page rather than the usual Sans Serif collection... it's just sooo nineteen nineties!


Revolutionary New Design

As you can see from the picture the i600 is a revolution in hardware design. Painted with a special material that makes it look just like a rendered image, and with joypad ports positioned at a slightly odd angle as if they'd been pasted on afterwards the i600 oozes style and finesse. The much hyped infra-red controllers do away with the need for joypad ports altogether.. er... oh.. but.. is that just a mock up? ...umm .. look a llama with a gun!


Jeff Minter supports Indrema

Never has a consoles future been more secure than when Jeff Minter gives it his backing, and now that he has successfully propelled Nuon into the marketplace he has turned his hand to the Indrema... I bet they feel much happier now. Anyway, here is sneak preview of Jeff Minter's first Indrema outing, due for release sometime never

Jeff Minter's Daikallamarama(rama) has been in development for over twenty years now and is still nowhere near complete. Originally using the Llamatron engine it was upgraded to the Revenge of The Mutant camels engine, then the Tempest engine, then Tempest 2000, Quake, Tempest 3000, Unreal and finally the Space Invaders engine (with added particle effects).

Daikallamarama is divided into four chapters set in different time periods, from ancient Greece where you play as a Greek llama god, to Neo-tokyo where you play as a giant robotic Mechallama. I can't wait!


Top Ten Reasons To Buy An Indrema Console

This top ten list of reasons is taken directly from the official Indrema website... take out all those based on hypocritical anti-corporate views or just plain bitterness and jealousy and you're left with.... not a lot. They've got a point though PS2 does look ridiculous.

  1. Xbox says: "We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile." Indrema says: "We are Open Source. íViva la resistance!"
  2. Four controller ports and built-in Internet access. Indrema has it-- PS2 doesn't. (Come on, we know you have more than one friend)
  3. By the time you actually get a hold of the PS2, its GPU will already be obsolete. (Indrema's GPU is upgradable)
  4. Nintendo is soooo 5th grade.
  5. Some hacker will just make a PS2 emulator for Indrema anyway.
  6. God's own game console isn't worth the $600 that PlayStation2 is scalping for these days.
  7. Some losers are going to wait in line for two days in front of some store just to get a hold of the new "artificially-created demand," "we'll overcharge you 'cuz we can," overrated toy of the season. You're not one of those, are you?
  8. Buy Made in the USA. (Xbox doesn't count--Bill Gates is his own country.)
  9. The PlayStation2 box looks like Max Headroom designed it. (May the '80s rest in peace.)
  10. Indrema supports independent developers--so we'll get all the perverted games.