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Vinyl Justice

[This is a list of all my 12" singles]
[257 items, vaguely in order of purchase]
  • no more tears
  • allure nebula
    original mix, aquilia remix, abnea remix
  • the big blue
  • samui amato international
    john johnston remix, original mix
  • amber
  • natious amato international
    christian west remix, silk remix
  • silence
  • delerium nettwerk
    airscape remix, dj tiesto in search of sunrise remix
  • sunstroke
  • chicane club tools
    disco citizens (on the train remix), original mix, white mix
  • offshore
  • chicane club tools
    disco citizens remix, original mix
  • arabian pleasure
  • mauro picotto & mario piu nukleuz
    ghibli mix, taureg mix
  • komodo pt 2
  • mauro picotto nukleuz
    megavoices claxixx mix, megamind mix
  • i want you
  • czr feat. delano credence
    stella browne remix, original vocal mix
  • re-rewind
  • artful dodger relentless
    radio edit, bump n flex mix, sharp addiction to dtpm dub
  • dooms night
  • azzido da bass club tools
    timo mass remix, pascal feos treatment mix
  • saving mary
  • fused columbia
    robbie rivera vocal edit, original extended mix, robbie rivera edit, robbie rivera dub mix
  • you used to hold me
  • scott and leon am:pm
    original, wide boys full vocal, amp mix, accapella
  • you take my breath away
  • sureal inferno
    dj tiesto remix, lange mix
  • fiji
  • atlantis vs avatar inferno
    original mix, lange remix
  • dolphin
  • gee moore nukleuz
    picotto mix, dj gee mix
  • the orange theme
  • cygnus x hooj choons
    solar stone remix, man with no name remix
  • ordinary world
  • aurora positiva
    above and beyond remix, gizeh remix, condor remix
  • the orange theme (a tribute)
  • the joker time traxx
    mystic club mix, analog mix
  • yesterday's enterprise
  • boom device y2k
    roadblock remix, original mix
  • music
  • madonna maverick
    calderone anthem mix, hq2 main 12", the young collective club mix, deep dish dot com remix
  • opium scumbagz
  • olav basoski masters at work
    opium scumbagz, opium scumbeatz, windjammer landing
  • revelation
  • electrique boutique ministry of sound
    ferry corsten remix, original mix
  • don't be afraid
  • moonman heat recordings
    tall paul remix, original mix, brittany remix, distant drum remix
  • eichelruck
  • da hool additive
    corvin dalek wet and hard remix, mg remix 2
  • red skies
  • chicane yeti recordings
    hole in one remix, original, vincent de moor remix
  • on the level
  • yomanda manifesto
    original mix, dave aude remix
  • born slippy
  • underworld junior recordings
    original mix, darrne price mix, alex reece mix
  • blue fear ep.
  • armin bionic beat
    blue fear, chuck mellow remix, x marks the spot
  • i feel for you
  • bob sinclair defected
    original club mix, spiller mix, czr's peak hour vocal mix
  • element four
  • paul oakenfold & andy gray mute
    12" mix, grayed out deep house mix
  • let me be your fantasy
  • baby d london records
    trick or treat feat. mc tails remix, rank 1 remix
  • hudson street
  • agnelli & nelson xtravaganza
    new york mix, dark now mix
  • bang
  • robbie rivera multiply
    milk & sugar remix, original full vocal version, different gear re-edit
  • reach out
  • midfield general skint
    full version, hakan remix, triangle
  • no ordinary morning / halcyon
  • chicane xtravaganza
    no ordinary morning / halcyon
  • voices
  • bedrock bedrock
    original mix, dj remy mix
  • walking in sunshine
  • velvet girl bonzai uk
    philippe van mullen remix, steve gibbs remix
  • devils must be angels
  • dj echo codeblue
    original mix, deeks and steel remix
  • time to burn
  • storm data records
    original mix, nick sentience remix, mauro picotto remix
  • lost again
  • shibumi halogen
    original mix, control z remix
  • you're not alone
  • romatt feat. shawnee taylor chocolate boy
    original deep vocal, funky vox mix, spreadlove 2-step vocal, spreadlove dub
  • battle
  • wookie s2s recordings
    full mix, m.j.cole mix, dobie mix pt.1
  • pure pleasure seeker
  • moloko echo
    disco seeker dub, oscar g deeper dub, plankton vox pontinental edit
  • beautiful
  • matt darey feat. marcella woods incentive
    john johnson remix, dubaholics full vocal remix, original mix
  • darkdance
  • les rythmes digitales wall of sound
    music makes your lose control
    soft machine
    [hey you] what's that sound?
    take a little time
    from: disco to: disco
    jacques your body [make me sweat]
    about funk
    damaged people
  • so good
  • juliet roberts delirious
    dans anthem, m&s epic klub mix, epic dub
  • luvstruck
  • southside spinners am:pm
    timo mass remix, dj jean remix, atlantis remix
  • another day
  • skip raiders perfecto
    perfecto trance mix, brainbug remix
  • you put me in heaven with your touch
  • rhythm of life xtravaganza
    lange remix, thrillseekers remix
  • sandstorm
  • darude neomusica
    radio edit ,original mix, js16 remix
  • follow me
  • lange feat. the morrighan positiva
    lange's club mix, lange vs dj jam x & de leon remix, agnelli and nelson remix, dark moon remix`
  • it's my turn
  • angelic serious
    orginal mix, ariel remix
  • dreaming
  • bt pioneer
    dreaming, evolution remix
  • sexual
  • amber ministry of sound
    deep dish cheez whizz remix, deep dish cheez whizz dub
  • i need your lovin'
  • marc et claude positiva
    ferry corsten remix, marc et claude ufo alarm mix, dark moon vocal remix
  • history of disco
  • love (tattoo) essential recordings
    part 2 (oh i love your disco), part 1 (lets have some fun)
  • right before my eyes
  • n'n'g urban heat
    stonebridge club mix, stoney's dub traxx
  • sometimes
  • tin tin out :vc
    matt darey mix, baby blue remix, camisra remix, mansa remix
  • holding on
  • dj manta am:pm
    liquid remix, reverse twister remix, radio edit
  • skydive
  • freefall feat. jan johnston renaissance
    mara remix, way out west instrumental
  • sawtooth
  • jonny l xl recordings
    wish u had something
    two of us
    tychonic cycle
    moving thru air
    i let u
  • san francisco sessions (vol.2)
  • dj john howard om records
    martin solveg heart of africa
    midnite city soul affair still loving you
    freeloader autobreakdown
    bjorn torske sexy disco
    children of planet earth you are the future
    shaboom totally
    eternal boyman valkommen till framtiden
    bob sinclair favelas
    plastic avengers moondrops
    underworld cups
    kad achouri latiname
    gabriel rene don't you cry
    groove collective everything is changing
  • rollcage stage II soundtrack
  • see tracklist moving shadow
    technical itch deadline
    dom & roland spooks
    flytronix imaginary forces
    aquasky halifax
    technical itch caution
    flytronix naked funk
    dom & roland slipstream
    aquasky control
    e-z rollers double cross
    omni trio penetration
  • out there and back
  • paul van dyk vandit
    we are alive
    out there and back
    face to face
    together we will conquer
    tell me why (the riddle)
    the love from above
  • embrace
  • agnelli & nelson xtravaganza recordings
    new york mix, original mix
  • don't call me baby
  • madison avenue vc recordings
    armin van burrens stalker mix, original 12", madison babe from outta space remix
  • it feels so good
  • sonique serious records
    can 7 soulfood club mix, original breakbeat mix, en-motion remix
  • on the beach
  • york manifesto
    crw mix, reachers of civilization (rank 1 remix)
  • pure shores
  • all saints london records
    cosmos mix, da beach don't stop, original, instrumental
  • you put me in heaven with your touch
  • rhythm of life xtravaganza records
    lange remix, thrillseekers remix
  • heart of asia
  • watergate positiva
    des mitchell remix, dj quicksilver mix edit, james holden remix edit
  • the me why
  • paul van dyk deviant
    vandit mix, club mix, club dub
  • cada vez
  • negrocan kontor
    grant nelson vocal mix, grant nelson dub, denis the menace remix, ego express remix
  • bingo bango
  • basement jaxx xl recordings
    original mix, below vocal dub, below raw dub
  • buggin
  • true steppers feat dane bowers nulife
    original mix, choo choo apple jaxx mix, jump n shout
  • flowers
  • sweet female attitude reverb
    sunship mix, sunship vs chunky mix, wacksides tweaker mix
  • cry
  • system f essential recordings
    original extended mix, rank1 mix, dotnl mix
  • 9pm (till i come)
  • atb ministry of sound
    sequential one 1999 remix, signum remix, matt darey remix
  • the awakening
  • york manifesto
    quake remix, mellow mix, natious remix
  • out of the blue
  • system f essential recordings
    original 12" version, angelz remix
  • out of the blue
  • system f essential recordings
    dj commie remix, mauro picotto remix
  • protect your mind
  • dj sakin and friends positiva
    suspicious remix, lange remix
  • communication
  • armin cyber records
    original mix, vincent de moor mix
  • from russia with love
  • matt darey liquid asset
    matt darey original mix, sloar stones red city remix, oliver lieb remix
  • everyday
  • agnelli & nelson xtravaganza records
    original mix, lange remix
  • turkey 2000
  • 3 drives on a vinyl pure groove records
    original mix, 3 drives remix, taskforce greece mix
  • airwave
  • rank1 manifesto
    original mix, rank1 vs dutch force mix
  • touched by god
  • katcha hooj choons
    the light remix, alfie conn mix
  • toca me
  • fragma positiva
    club mix, in petto mix, natious remix
  • paragliders lithium
  • oliver lieb platipus
    lithium1 mix, oliver lieb remix
  • heaven
  • agenda incredible traxx
    lange remix, dj skain remix, resistance d treatment
  • greece 2000
  • 3 drives on a vinyl zyx music
    saccoman remix, olav basoski dub, york remix, original mix
  • happiness happening
  • lost witness ministy of sound
    lange remix, way out west mix
  • l'esperanza
  • airscape xtravaganza records
    original mix, sven goes to the love parade
  • dimension [disc 1]
  • salt tank hooj choons
    salt tanks voices of reason mix, hybrids audio candy remix
  • dont stop
  • atb ministry of sound
    sequential one remix, x-cabs remix
  • another way / avenue
  • paul van dyk deviant
    another way club mix, avenue original mix
  • welcome to the dance
  • des mitchell codeblue
    part1, airscape remix
  • mantra forever
  • quake essential recordings
    original mix, dark air, push it
  • cream
  • blank & jones deviant
    long version, paul van dyk mix
  • cream
  • blank & jones deviant
    atb mix, evolution mix
  • madagasgar
  • art of trance platipus
    ferry corsten mix, transa remix
  • ayla
  • ayla positiva
    dj tandu remix, veracocha remix
  • ayla
  • ayla addictive
    space brothers meet sacha collisson remix, dj taucher mix
  • children
  • tilt deconstruction
    courtyard edit, courtyard mix
  • cafe del mar
  • energy 52 hooj choons
    three 'n one mix, nakin & kane remix
  • wide eyed angel
  • origin steelyard
    exposed mix, inversion mix
  • out there
  • friends of matthew serious records
    lange mix, cosmopolitan junkies remix, mr smith remix
  • invisible
  • tilt hooj choons
    lost tribe vocal mix, whats this
  • gamemaster
  • lost tribe hooj choons
    signum remix, lost tribe '99 mix
  • for an angel
  • paul van dyk deviant
    pvd e-werk club mix, way out west mix, terry lee brown jnr mix
  • meet her at the love parade
  • da hool kosmo records
    nalin & kane remix, espanol vocal dub, original mix
  • summersault
  • taste xperience manifesto
    original mix, taul paul remix
  • wankers on duty
  • da hool kosmo
    club mix, hands up - wankers mix
  • nomansland
  • dj sakin & friends positiva
    polaris mix, lange remix
  • storm
  • storm positiva
    original mix, man with no name remix, rollercoaster remix
  • madagasgar
  • art of trance astral
    cygnus x remix, ferry corsten remix, original mix
  • persusasion
  • science dept bedrock records
    majestic mix, repercussion - funk functions melody mix
  • the missing suitcase
  • the herbaliser ninjatune
    dj craze remix, when i shine
  • destination sunshine
  • balearic bill xtravaganza records
    original mix, dj tiesto dub
  • beautiful stranger
  • madonna maverick
    lp versino, calderone club mix, calderone radio mix
  • voices
  • dario g polygram
    kriana mix, taste xperience mix, jimpy & wolff mix
  • in at the deep end
  • on the record amato
    original mix, rachel auburn mix
  • toca's miracle
  • fragma positiva
    original mix, dub mix, everybody knows
  • right before my eyes
  • n'n'g urban heat
    the remix, club mix, grants buckin fumpin remix
  • movin too fast
  • artful dodger xl recordings
    bump n flex vocal, original mix, pussy 2000 vocal
  • you're the reason
  • wamdue project am:pm
    roy malones queen mix, mac zimms remix, the lab rats main experiment
  • michel lombert
  • stretch n vern amato
  • good shot
  • hands burn essential recordings
    fontaine and vern mix, signum remix
  • sometimes
  • les rhythmes digitales wall of sound
    juniors synthy mix, lrd remix, from disco to disco
  • raise / the bells
  • jonny l piranha records
  • running / spike
  • jonny l piranha records
  • change / selecta
  • jonny l piranha records
  • diving faces
  • liquid child neomusica
    club mix, way out west mix, thumper remix
  • everybody get up
  • five promo
    sharp dtpm remix, johan s detox mix
  • stardust ep
  • stardust bootleg
    stardust vs madonna, bob sinclair remix, musicfeelsgoodwithyou, groovy69 mix
  • sound of bamboo
  • flickman inferno
    boo extended mix, yomanda vs hi-gate mix
  • sunshine
  • yomanda manifesto
    original remix, hi-gate remix
  • movin' thru your system
  • jark prongo hooj choons
    slacker software system remix, wave 2081
  • needin u
  • david morales manifesto
    original mistake, need a dub mix, unabomber edit mix
  • the bassline track
  • dbsk honeypot
    pumpin mix, bangin hard mix
  • volume 5
  • the noise maker nukleuz
    taub - megamind, red moon - ricky le roy, spectra - mario piu & mauro picotto
  • no good
  • prodigy xl recordings
    original mix, bad for you mix, cj bollands museum mix
  • pearl river
  • johnny shaker low spirit
    vocal mix, instrumental, monopol
  • hey boy hey girl
  • chemical brothers virgin
    extended version, flashback, scale
  • take california
  • propellerheads wall of sound
    original mix, take california and party
  • finished symphony
  • hybrid distinctive
    original mix, echoplex remix
  • if i survive
  • hybrid distinctive
    original mix, beber boleyn west stand mix, hybrid's echoplex mix
  • walk this land
  • e-z rollers moving shadow
    paradise mix, 99 mix
  • flat beat
  • mr oizo vital
    original mix, monday massacre, sick dog try to speak
  • september 99
  • earth, wind and fire incredible records
    phats and small vocal mix, phats and small dub mix
  • the launch
  • dj jean mo bizz
    dj tiesto dub mix, da techno bohemian phuture mix
  • the launch
  • dj jean am:pm
    original mix, yomanda mix, da techno bohemian phuture mix
  • legacy
  • space brothers manifesto
    ckub mix, mash up matt mix
  • shoeshine
  • headrillaz V2
    original mix, jacknife lee mix, bronx dogs mix
  • let forever be
  • chemical brothers virgin
    let forever be, the diamond sky, studio k
  • soulstorm
  • i-ching platipus
    soulstorm, ways of love
  • lizard
  • mauro picotto nukleuz
    trance mix, taul paul edit
  • push
  • universal nation inferno
    original mix, flange and swain dark dub
  • twilo thunder
  • breeder rhythm syndicate
    stoked up mix, beetlejuice
  • remember
  • the morrigan serious records
    original 12" mix, lange remix
  • style
  • orbital ffrr
    style, bigpipe style, new style, old style
  • the mood club
  • firstborn independiente
    original version, interfearance remix, spectre remix
  • the secret wish
  • boccaccio life neomusica
    lange remix, bulletproof remix
  • symmetry C
  • brainchild multiply
    original 12" mix, lange breakbeat remix, mike koglin remix
  • whale nation
  • mondo paradiso opaque
    power krash mix, uptown connection stay alive mix, original mix
  • mysterry land
  • y traxx ffrr
    fontaine & vern mix, hhc 12" vocal, original mix
  • adagio for strings
  • william orbit wea records
    original version, ferry corsten remix
  • yellow
  • origin steelyard
    original mix, refined - bonus dub
  • wiseguys
  • cowboy 78 wall of sound
    casa de sanchez mix, los vaqueros dub, guitarapella
  • tough at the top
  • e-z rollers moving shadow
    full length vocal mix, rennie pilgrim mix
  • mixed metaforce
  • art of noise ztt records
    size of a metaphor, sighs of a metaphor, beat of a metaphor
  • easter island
  • art of trance platipus
    original mix, cygnus x mix
  • apache
  • starfighter neomusica
    original mix, dub mix, the remix
  • flower duet
  • luminaire glassnote
    way out west mix, solarplexus mix
  • moogwai
  • moogwai platipus
    moogwai, a night out
  • back in my life
  • alice deejay violent records
    pronti & kalmani nix, club mix, club intstrumental
  • 1998
  • binary finary positiva
    original mix, paul van dyk remix, matt darey remix
  • 1999 [disc 1]
  • binary finary aquarius
    matt darey remix, original mix
  • 1999 [disc 2]
  • binary finary aquarius
    kay cee remix, marc et claude's answering machine mix, paul van dyk remix
  • the jag
  • micronauts virgin
    original mix, speedy j remix
  • on my way
  • mike koglin multiply
    extended vocal, quivver mix, ruff driverz mix
  • the silence
  • mike koglin zyx
    club mix, john b norman remix, tekara mix
  • red alert
  • basement jaxx bootleg
    miracles mix, k.o.p.
  • nothing left
  • orbital ffrr
    much ado about nothing left, nothing left out, way out west mix
  • heavens earth
  • delirium nettwerk
    matt darey mix, key south remix
  • gunman
  • 187 lockdown nu-jak
    original mix, g.o.d. remix, danmass remix
  • carte blanche
  • veracocha positiva
    original mix, origin remix
  • around the world
  • daft punk daft trax
    lp version, motorbass vice mix, teachers - extended mix
  • return of atlantis
  • liquid child neomusica
    de-nout version, ferry corsten
  • white treble black bass
  • sgt slick neomusica
    trevor rockcliffe mix, slick club'd up cut, accapella
  • iguana
  • mauro picotto nukleuz
    megavoices mix, picotto tea nix
  • if eveybody looked the same
  • groove armada pepper records
    original mix, rap, moira's theme
  • do u dream
  • serious danger fresh records
    original 12" mix, picture of man remix
  • skin
  • charlotte big life
    club69 future anthem mix, m&s mix, underground solution 2 step vocal
  • never knew love
  • nightcrawlers riverhorse
    colour system classic vocal, cas roc isolation dub, mash up matt mix
  • say you'll be mine
  • qfx quality records
    radio edit, qfx mix, happy hardcore mix
  • lizard
  • mauro picotto empire state records
    megavoices mix, mondo bongo mix, tea mix
  • ooh la la
  • wiseguys wall of sound
    album version, edit, expand on the topic
  • it aint gonna be me
  • cj bolland essential recordings
    it aint gonna be me, desolate1
  • ten to twenty
  • sneaker pimps clean up records
    eric morillo & jose nunez dub, funk force intergalactic dub, hefner mix
  • phuture 2000
  • carl cox digger music
    hybrid remix, instrumental
  • silence
  • delerium nettwerk
    sanctuary mix, sanctuary edit, album version
  • the final
  • phil fuldner kosmo
    sharp mix, robbie rivera mix, club mix
  • kung-fu
  • 187 lockdown eastwest dance
    original 187 mix, radio edit, ramsey and fen remix, prisoners of technology
  • red alert
  • basement jaxx xl recordings
    jaxx club mix, eric morillo & harry romero dub, steve gurley vocal mix
  • gouryella
  • gouryella codeblue
    original mix, armix remix
  • flowerz
  • armand van helden ffrr
    12" version, dubstrumental edit
  • trance induction
  • tjeerd verbeek playground
    ferry corsten mix, welcome to our planet, e.t. welcome song, art of flex
  • calling
  • sm-trax edel
    cj stone pleasure mix, olav basoski remix, marc manga remix
  • get get down
  • paul johnson defected
    choo choo subcriminal mix, choo choo digital pimp mix, original mix
  • freak it
  • studio 45 azuli records
    original mix, disco elements deep dub, disco elements robs no ears mix
  • hypnotic
  • ukw data
    woody van eyden remix, binary finary remix
  • synth & strings
  • yomanda manifesto
    original mix, joe fandango's mitsubishi mix, egg n cress
  • sexy boy
  • air source
    radio edit, etienee de crecy, cassius remix, jeanne
  • dont stop
  • atb kontor
    sash remix, atb remix, spacekid contact woody van eyden remix
  • cassius 99
  • cassius boombass
    cassius 99 remix, cassius 1999 - dj tool remix
  • feeling for you
  • cassius boombass
    les rhythm digitales dreamix, dj tool remix, cambridge cirus mix
  • camisra
  • clap your hands :vc
    main club mix, let me show you - jonesey's mixes
  • c'est la vie
  • jean michel jarre epic
    hybrids echoplex mix, futureshock transglobal remix
  • you dont know me
  • armand van helden london records
    you dont know me, rock da spot
  • better off alone
  • alice deejay positiva
    vocal club mix, signum mix, dj jam x and de leon's dumonde mix
  • on a saturday
  • blag b-movie recordings
    original mix, heist mix
  • turn around
  • phats & small multiply
    normal cook remix, chris & james remix, original 12" mix
  • rendez-vu
  • basement jaxx xl recordings
    rendez vu, red alert - miracles keep on playin, all u crazies
  • everything's not you
  • stoneproof :vc
    quivvers space mix, perfecto extended mix
  • king of my castle
  • wamdue project am:pm
    bini & martini 999 mix, armin van buuren remix, roy malones king mix
  • sing it back
  • moloko scorpio
    boris musical mix, booker t loco mix, tee's freeze mix
  • love will come
  • tomski xtravaganza records
    airscape dub mix, original mix
  • saltwater
  • chicane xtravaganza records
    original mix, tomski vs disco citizens remix
  • don't give up
  • chicane xtravaganza records
    original mix, tomski vs disco citizens remix
  • love stimulation
  • humate deviant
    paul van dyk mix, oliver lieb clubmix, oliver lieb softmix
  • i'm lonely
  • hollis p munroe citybeat
    roadblock mix, blag mix, original mix
  • coming on strong
  • signum tidy trax
    original mix, untidy dub
  • breakdown
  • double six multiply
    original 12" mix, peplab mix, firewall mix
  • big love
  • pete heller essential recordings
    original mix, dronez mix
  • on and on
  • hurricane essential recordings
    original mix, chris and james mix
  • together
  • department one ride recordings
    original mix, mutiny uk mix
  • future love
  • presence pagan records
    pete hellers filter love mix, love from san fransisco mix
  • hold on
  • jose nunez ministy of sound
    2000 vocal mix, jazz-n-groove prime time dub
  • paradise
  • miro hooj choons
    red jerrys longdubbyvocal mix, farmatronic creeping mix
  • sing it back
  • moloko pinnacle
    boris dlugosch musical mix, can7 supermarket mix, herberts tasteful dub
  • strong
  • liquid higher ground
    original mix, jeep grrlz thicker than yer wrist mix, colour system classic vocal
  • good shot
  • hands burn insolent
    original club mix, fontaine and vern mix
  • makes me love you
  • eclipse azuli records
    morning star mix, sunset mix
  • lost in love
  • legend b rising high records
    dj taucher mix, floorplay mix, starecase mix
  • what evil lurks
  • prodigy xl recordings
    what evil lurks, android, were gonna rock, everybody in the place
  • everday girl
  • dj rap higher ground
    sneaky vocal, rae & christian remix, sneak-a-bump mix
  • the pistachio rockers
  • headrillaz v2
    turn around, murder, hairs on end, head on
  • predator
  • peshay metalheadz
    predator, on the nile
  • gasmask
  • ed rush & optical virus
    gasmask, bacteria
  • flaming june
  • bt perfecto
    bt & pvd original mix, chicane remix
  • bailamos
  • m3 inferno
    matt darey mix, danny howells remix
  • 9pm (till i come)
  • atb kontor
    club mix, 9pm mix, sequential one remix, northern lights remix, spacekid remix
  • killer
  • atb kontor
    original mix, killer mix
  • diabolous
  • cinematic orchestra ninjatune
    diabolous, diabolous reprise, continuum