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Sony ***kers

This is our disinformation section, run by our Japanese correspondant Poke-ken, where we try to spread lies and rumours about a certain evil hardware manufacturer..

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[ Phil Mein interview part 2 ]
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[ Sony Withdraw PS2 (hoax) ]


How do! Welcome to PokeRanch, me squaw, indian name is Crack Crack Boiled Head Egg.
Afraid PokeKen away on long journey, hunt for many Pokemon, take many men with many bow, many arrow, many stick for shitty shotty. Walk for many day over many mountain, return with many bear and many deer, many ox and many goat. Never no many bloody Pokemon!
Just this one, taught to sniff out bad game and destroy with webbing and many leg. Not even let stroke... hmmm.. maybe for dinner.
For see page click here or I bite off knacker, one at time




almost all these games are guaranteed jumpyspider exclusives...
if only because we make them up