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Logic Spider


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nash nash!!!! me pokespider!!! grrrr!! like chewing bollocks!!! bad bad gaming HATEEEE!!!!!...grrrrrr......ehhhh?? see jez san and phil mein....chewy chewy!!!!
..this week survey, send in name of worse person I should eat lunch, results next week
....hmmm I smell bad it was master pokeken who fart

This is PokeSpider-FAQ... that stand for Frequent Ask Question not Fags And Queers as you thinking... any, no mess about time, get on with FAQ!

  • #1: How many legs have spider?
    This vary from spider to spider. Biggest spider is one like Tarantula have up to eight leg. Smallest is perhaps Micro-Spider, so called because he like computer, he only have two leg, other six evolve into arms for to play game, eat pizza, clip-off, download movie all at same time.

  • #2: What is happen with Dreamcast?
    If you excuse language is fucked. No problem just wait until X-Box and other with built in hard drive and broad-band so even better online clip-clip.

  • #3: Why you talk funny PokeSpider?
    People often ask me about way speak. Truth of matter am spider tiny brain no design for silly human talk, plus is universal translator broken like in Star Trek Episode #161.

  • #4: Seem very angry, have many friend?
    You shut yourself up big or I nasty attack, can bite knacker off in less than one second, both knacker in three second. Huh, no friend you say, could not be more wrong. Many friend include... er... mummy spider and daddy spider... other spider all did laugh.. then I bite knacker... now just point and whisper.. so lonely

please e-mail make me less lonely