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Links to other hip and happening sites
UK Resistance One of the main sites used for ripping off ideas for shhh, don't tell them!... Also check out their links page for more cool sites. Another satirical site with a vague game related theme. News and rumours from inside the games industry. Check out the forums and be amazed at the childish arguments that go on... wee-wee face!
Dreamcast@IGN The source of much of my Dreamcast info The source of much of the rest of my Dreamcast info Good British game news site updated every evening. Another British news site, part of Future publishing which is probably a good thing considering how many games magazines they do! Friend or foe of Sega? In the fight to prevent Sony from gaining a complete monopoly it probably doesn't matter. Allows you to send logos and stuff to your mobile phone, and unlike most of the sites around it's completely free. Only works with good phones like Nokia's. If you're curious about your sexuality science then take a look at the New Scientist web page. Nearly all the decent articles from the magazine make it onto the webpage, which is nice. To quote their own front page "news for geeks". A mixture of interesting stuff and useless realtime operating systems I've noticed a worrying trend recently for videos to have a standard block of trailers including the one you're about to watch! On video this counts as slackness, on DVD it becomes a feature