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what box? (12 august '000)
Dreamcast is officially dead. Despite being the best console Sega have put out since the Megadrive and having the most exciting line-up of games of any console right now it has failed to sell in any significant numbers.

But that doesn't matter because the X-Box is just around the corner.... well, actually it's stuck in traffic on the newbury bypass but it'll still be here in time for christmas... next christmas. Still, if Microsoft have got the brains to match their wallet they'll be getting ready to kick the media hype-machine into action and fuck Sony over the same way Sony have fucked Sega over (admittedly Sega's track record helped).

Down with Sony, long live Microsoft!.... I can't believe I actually said that.

the month that was(12 august '000)
after the quiet month that was july, august seems to be unfolding much the same way. Other than a small update to Little Brother there's basically bugger all to see here. As you may have noticed I've rearranged the front pages to get rid of the confusion about closed sections of the site.
There should be some more frequent updates this month, it can't really get any less frequent can it?
If you're visiting JumpySpider for the first time I can recommend going back and reading previous months, it may not be the latest thing any more but it's still extremely funny.. honest