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It's going down! (25 july '000)
Concorde crashes, everyone on board dead, yadda yadda..
hey, what was that boom? was it another Concorde going down?..No, it was just me crossing decency barrier. Not supersonic, just super-sick!
Well, that went down like a lead balloon (ooops)... now watch my webpage hits plummet faster than a...


We would like to apologise for the poor taste of that article and assure you that it will never happen again....
Still, at least they were only german tourists, eh?

aarghh!! (24 july '000)
Sorry, it's been one of those days...
What happened I hear you cry? Well, first of all I accidentally saved over this very page so I went on the net to download the old version and salvage as much as I could.. only as I went to save it I accidentally hit delete when I went for the enter key, but joyfully still managed to hit the enter key to and confirmed the delete, at which point my computer (which already has a pacemaker to keep the processor going) sensed my panic and promptly crashed.
So I had to have a bit of a lie down... but now I'm back (yay)

we're all going on a... (24 july '000)
Woohoo! The summer holidays are here at last and everyone is celebrating!
Top celeb David Bowie has thrown a party to mark the beginning of the vacation. To find out who ate the most jelly, who pinned the tail on the donkey and who's best at standing still when the music stops.. click here

The latest thing (18 july '000)
It's official! Copying the antics of early nineties Amiga hackers is the late-eee-eeest th-ii-ing!!!

David Bowie is releasing a new single on the 31st! Only he's not called David Bowie any more, he's re-invented himself as D6VID BOW13. This makes him possibly the l33t35t celebrity on earth and may herald the start of the Amiga revival which so many (about seven) people are harping on about.
It's even got a Nine Inch Nails remix and they're definitely the latest thing.

Good luck D6VID.. you'll need it.

where's the articles? (18 july '000)
Er... my dog ate them
I had a chrysalitic relapse
Ok, I'll come clean (oo-er)... I've been too busy playing Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, Dance Dance Revolution, Crazy Taxi, Shen Mue, Ecco The Dolphin and a host of other cool dreamcast games. Let's face it, the machine is going to be dead by christmas (quiet you Amiga owners at the back) so we've got to make the most of it. Considering there are so many titles which will never see the light of day on any other console it's a shame..

Kill the publishers!.. Or better still tell your mum on them!

Metal Gear 2 (15 july '000)
We have exclusive footage of the most anticipated (ie. hyped) game of all time, Metal Gear Solid 2 right here

Phil Mein Part 3 (13 july '000)
Part 3 of Poke-kens neverending interview with Phil Mein has been added to the Disinformation section

Long live the spider (12 july '000)
If you've been paying any kind of attention you may have noticed that has been what we in the industry call "off-line" for a couple of weeks. This is because I, TheJumpySpider, have been in a chrysalis for the last 20 days undergoing an amazing transformation... Well, that was the plan, but on leaving my cocoon I was disappointed to find that I had not transformed into a beautiful butterfly but had remained as a spider.

The lesson to be learned here is never buy a cocoon from a cockney wasp.

Anyway, now that my chrysalitic fiasco is over I can assure you all that the JumpySpider will be back in action very soon.

JumpySpider signing off