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site open (13 september '000)
After the brief panic caused by the fuel crisis is now officially open once again... We've stockpiled a load of baked beans from Tesco so we should be able to produce enough gas to run the car for the next few days.

There were loads of people stockpiling bread and milk too but fuck knows how they intend to run a car on that... Maybe it's a secret plot to lure hedgehogs and then use them to burst tyres on peoples cars when they drive by and steal their petrol... hhmmm, cunning.

site shut (12 september '000)
why are you here? the site is shut F- !

oil you! (sounds like oi you.. see?) (11 september '000)
Whining bastard truckers are in the process of bringing England to a stand-still over the price of fuel, complaining that they are unable to afford enough pies to sustain their huge bellies!
Entreupeuneurs have already set up burger vans and even mobile shops selling lard around the picket lines and have turned out to be the only winners of this weeks proceedings.

Next week on we learn how to spell entreupeuneurs... aiiight!

ECTS Report(03 september '000)
It was a big bag of Exclamation Mark, Tilda, Hash, Open Curly Bracket, Ampersand, Dollar, Colon